The Creation Coach School Certification

Co-create your life with God & help others do the same.

Learn the tools and find the accountability you need to be consistent in your habits and goals as you learn to live into your true identity as the creator of your life and certify to help others to do the same.

Create Your Life
Gain Accountability
In Your Habits
Integrate Knowledge
and Teach Others

You’re ready to transform and better fulfill your purpose!

However, creating the best version of yourself takes daily action and accountability, whether you’re…

The Creation Coach School Certification will not only help you become who you were designed to be, but give you the tools and training to help those around you do the same.

 When you complete The Creation Coach School Certification program, you will have:

A Clear Vision of
Your True Identity

Become who God created you to be as you learn by experience what it’s like to live in your potential as your true self.

Knowledge and Tools
Centered in Gospel Principles

Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and gives you information and tools to create balanced habits of the body, spirit, and mind.

A Stronger Connection to the True Source of Change

As you apply the lessons and learning from those certifying with you, you’ll learn to rely on the creation power that comes from agency and the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

“This training will be life changing for not only you, but your family and those you have stewardship over as you apply the principles to your everyday life. It is unlike any other self help or coaching program because it incorporates the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every lesson, principle and concept taught.


“This program has made a bigger impact in my life than any other in which I've participated. I was so tired of quick fixes, hacks, tips, and tricks. I needed something that I could stick with and that would stick with me long term. I didn't want to be left to my own devices after 30 days or even 90 days. Real change takes time and I desperately needed to change. Brooke taught me step-by-step what I needed to know to implement the small steps toward positive change.”


The Creation Coach School Certification program includes:

27 creation lessons to guide you every step of the way

Lasting knowledge comes when you learn principles line upon line. The 27 creation lessons are presented in an intentional sequence that allows you internalize what you learn

9 certification lessons to support you in teaching and guiding others

Once you’ve gone through the creation lessons and transformed your own life through the principles you are learning and putting into practice, these certification lessons will help you as you teach and guide others.

36 Pre-Recorded Q&A Calls with Brooke Snow

Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to hear a Q&A call with Brooke. These pre-recorded calls dive deeper into the topics we cover in The Creation Coach Certification. Brooke teaches material or insights that develop as we go through the year.

20+ guided meditations to help you connect with the Divine each day

Meditation is a critical tool help create the calm, present focus that allows us to co-create our lives with our Heavenly Father. These meditations will be a continuous resource throughout the course.

Private Podcast Feed

Don’t have time to log in to your online portal to listen to the lessons? No problem! Each lesson, Q&A Call and Meditation is available on a private podcast feed so you can listen anytime you want as much as you want.

Practicum Period

You have the opportunity to practice what you are learning. We will have a live practicum experience for you to practice live coaching with other certified coaches.

Private Social Network to Connect with The Creation Coach School Cohort

All of Certifying Coaches have access to our private social network hosted on Mighty Networks. You’ll have the opportunity to make impactful, lifelong connections with like-minded people as you progress through the program together as well as receive support from Certified Coaches.

300+ pages of digital worksheets to accompany and extend your learning

Impactful change occurs when you put what you’re learning into action. You'll have over 300+ worksheets, printables and PDF summaries to accompany every single lesson.

Lifetime access to the materials

Learning happens in cycles. You’ll have lifetime access to the material in the Creation Course so that you can continue to learn, grow and show up in your true identity no matter what life throws your way.

Free Bonus:

Free Buddy Pass
(value $2222)

Invite a friend, spouse, parent, neighbor or friend to do the course with you as an accountability partner. Accountability is key for meeting the requirements and certifying. As an added bonus we want you to feel supported through this process and have someone to learn with!

“Gift yourself this amazing program. It is worth anything you might have to give up to change an old pattern into a new one. It's worth a WHOLE new YOU!”


How It Works

Enroll in The Creation Coach School Certification

The Creation Coach School Certification is a 9 month program, and is only offered 2x a year. Don’t miss your chance to enroll!

Complete the Lessons

The material in this program is perfectly paced to help you learn the concepts and put them into action. You’ll have additional support in the private social network.

Live Into Your Identity as a Creator Guide

On completion of all the lessons and certification requirements, you’ll have the knowledge and experience you need to co-create your life with God and guide others through a similar transformation.

Our Two-Part Certification Requirements Help You Transform Yourself So You Can Help Others Do The Same.

Whether you’re planning on using your certification to coach others or just want added accountability in your own transformation, our line-upon-line certification requirements help you move from learning information to taking action.


  • Complete all lessons
  • Watch the recordings of all the Q&A calls
  • Reflect and complete all journaling for each lesson
  • Track your habits throughout the certification program


Complete 200 days (non-consecutive) of the following habits:

  • Track your sleep
  • 6000 Steps/Day
  • Big Fitness Goal of Your Choice
  • Meditate 10 Min/Day (Time can be split between AM and PM).
  • Don't drink cane sugar or artificial sugar drinks
  • AM/PM Routine
  • 1 Hour/Day Unplugged (Also may be split between AM and PM).
  • Big Joy Goal of Your Choice

What Our Certified Creation Coaches Say About Their Experience:

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My Story…

I know what it feels like to long to become a better version of yourself, while missing consistent, supportive habits to help support the changes you want to make in your life. It’s easy to become frustrated with yourself when you don’t have a system or the accountability you need to make those habits part of a lasting change.

Everything changed for me when I discovered that God’s law of creation was a powerful spiritual framework to follow and help me live into my true identity as the creator of my life. I learned how to be more consistent in my habits and gained the confidence to act for myself, instead of feeling acted upon. I created accountability for myself by sharing what I was learning and doing with those around me, and those small steps helped me completely transform my life.

The framework, lessons, meditations and accountability you’ll find in the The Creation Coach School Certification will help you completely transform your life with God through powerful habits and patterns that will support you in being your true self. You’ll be certifying in our program with like-minded women who want to progress and support each other as we all learn to fulfill our purpose together. Whether you want to certify for the additional accountability and guidance or want to become a Certified Creation Coach, in this program, you’ll find the blueprint and accountability you need to make lasting change and help others do the same.

I hope you’ll join us for our 2023 certification class.  

-Brooke Snow, Founder of The Creation Coach School