Certified Creation Coach Directory

Shellie Thornley

As a young mother I realized the relationship I had with my body mattered. This began a lifelong journey of learning to view and speak to myself with compassion. I have gained wisdom and experience navigating this space. It is my joy to help God’s daughters remember the truth. You are more than a body and you don’t need to change your body to feel better. Women loving and accepting themselves only magnifies their ability to love others and unleashes goodness in this world. If you are searching for more connection and compassion in your relationship with your body and yourself, I would love to be your guide.

Instagram: @youdeservetheword

email: shellie@youdeservetheword.com

Becky Beck

I am a grief coach, author, and motivational speaker. Losing my son was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, and also my greatest blessing. Today I help those who grieve find relief and healing through Jesus Christ so they can find joy again and create a life filled with what matters most.

website: whatmatterswithbeckybeck.com

email: beckybeck@whatmatterswithbeckybeck.com

Book: https://a.co/d/5is6Lam

Jill Adams

Hi, I’m Jill! A wife, mother of four (College aged and teenagers), and I am passionate about helping women live to their fullest potential. As a productivity coach and a Certified Creation Coach, I look forward to working together to craft a plan so you are able to start living your best life TODAY!

Please reach out to jilladams06@gmail.com to request a welcome questionnaire!

Misty Thomas

I help people gain clarity, confidence & momentum in their life and business.

website: mistythomascoaching.com

email: misty@mistythomascoaching.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MistyThomasCoaching

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mistythomascoaching/?hl=en

Nicke Brown

Hey there! I am Nicke Brown. My greatest gift is connectedness. Creating a home where my 5 kiddos deeply know Jesus has been where my best time has been spent. I am here to walk with you as a Creation Coach and energy practitioner in your journey as a mom, a wife, and Daughter of God. I see you. I see your to do list, your stash of chocolate, the businesses you own, and I also see your joy and what sets you on fire. For me, it’s an apricot and pink sunrise and dragonflies in my backyard. If this feels good to you, reach out. Text is best.

Email: Nicke@kiwiinc.com

Kristen Rutter

Do you want to feel greater confidence and connection? I support women in their challenges and help them to access their innate wisdom and goodness to create greater connections with themselves, others and God.

Instgram: kristen.rutter.coaching
Email: Kristen@kristenruttercoaching.com
Website: kristenruttercoaching.com
Podcast: The Whole Soul Podcast (coming soon)


Karen Papin

As a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Creation coach I guide women of faith to be spiritual nutritionists for their home, church and more. Overcome self-doubt, overwhelm and fear as you confidently and joyfully embrace your divine roles and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around you.

Website: www.karenpapin.com

Email: ktpapin@gmail.com

Instagram: @karenpapin

Becky Schettler

As a woman of faith, I have learned to rely on daily spiritual and physical habits to feel the joy of an abundant life. There were so many circumstances I faced in raising 5 children into adulthood that I wish I knew then what I know now. I guide people who feel stuck in their relationships, health or just not feeling happy, create a plan to gain momentum and feel more joy and purpose.

Email: becky.schettler@gmail.com

Instagram: @beckyschettlercoaching,

Podcast: Shine On



Kim Corie

As a certified Creation Coach since 2021, I have experience leading both individuals and groups of women through the Creation Course.

My passion lies in empowering women to reconnect with their own intuition and with the Saviour in order to take back their agency each and every day. I would love to help you find ways to be more gentle with yourself, while supporting you in finding more balance, peace and JOY as you co-create your abundant life with God.

Email: coriekimberly@gmail.com

Amy Aston Gwilliam

Amy is a Whole Healing Coach for women and youth. Her intuition and practical skills focus on healing wounded parts of the soul by hearing, seeing, and validating each part of the self, and teaching her clients how to remove the blocks that keep them from becoming the truest versions of themselves.

Website: www.amygwilliam.life



Kami Harris

As a certified Creation Coach, certified Life Coach School Tools Coach, homeschool educator for nearly two decades, certified teacher, Leadership Education Mentoring Institute trainer, and mentor for hundreds of youth and mamas, I offer expert guidance for your homeschooling journey. With my support, I can help you streamline your systems, navigate philosophies and curriculum, gain clarity and confidence, and be empowered to create the homeschool you truly desire.

Website: coachkami.com

Email: coachkamiharris@gmail.com

Text: 208-606-0882

Whitney N Lemme

I am a survivor of verbal, physical, psychological, sexual abuse and childhood trauma. Even with Depression, Anxiety and/or PTSD I lead women of all ages to the source of healing, strength, joy and peace that has been within them all along!

Email: wnlemme@gmail.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/LemmesCareForWholeness/

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/LemmesCareForWholeness/

Jill Pack

Jill Pack is a certified life coach for midlife women as they navigate the different seasons of life. She is an Advanced Certified Faith-Based Coach and is currently working on receiving an Advanced Relationship Coach Certification. Jill believes that you can create a life you love no matter your season or circumstance.

Email: jill@seasons-coaching.com
Website: www.seasons-coaching.com
Instagram: @seasons_coaching
Facebook: @seasons.life.coaching
Podcast: Seasons of Joy Podcast

Krista Pace

I am a health and wellness coach specializing in healthy habit creation, emotional processing, and spiritual growth. I love to help others recognize the divinity within themselves that is yearning for more…more light, more understanding, more options (FREEDOM).

Email: krista.pace@masonpace.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krista.pace.18

IG: @healthyinsytes

Website: https://coach.optavia.com/kristapace



Erin Ropelato

I help women create connection to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in a variety of ways using personal learning styles.

Website: https://seekthisjesusstudy.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seekthisjesusstudy/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seekthisjesusstudy/

Email: erin@seekthisjesusstudy.com

Brianna Bird

Hello, my name is Brianna, and as a Creation Coach, I am excited to be your guide, helping you explore your divine purpose and create a life of abundance and joy as you learn live in your true potential!

I specialize in helping to pick up the pieces and design the life you want after the trials of divorce, single parenthood, body image issues, anxiety and depression.

All races, cultures, religions, and beliefs are welcome so sit with me. I am excited to go on this journey and can’t wait to meet you!

Email: birdbrianna80@gmail.com
Instagram: quest_for_christ_podcast
Text: 208-520-4994
Podcast: Quest For Christ Podcast

Rachael Quinton

I gather women to Cultivate a Fruitful Life in Christ by nourishing seeds of hope, faith, charity, and joy through meditation, movement, and mentoring in a Christ-centered community.
We CULTIVATE more light in our minds and hearts with the Truth of His Words that comes through scriptures, the Spirit, and prophets regarding our divine identity, purpose, and potential. We firmly CONNECT with Christ by making and keeping covenants. We CREATE our lives by walking with Him in higher and holier ways enabled and ennobled by the power of His Atonement. We abundantly feel and CELEBRATE the fruits of the Spirit.
I invite you to create covenant connection with us as we partake of His abundant joy and goodness!

I work with a group of amazing, inspired coaches. Reach out in one of the following ways to connect with me and join one of our live 12-week courses

Email: coaches@cultivateafruitfullife.com

Instagram: @cultivate_a_fruitful_life

Website: https://cultivate-ccc.passion.io/