Certified Creation Coach Directory

Aubrey Birch

I specialize in helping women through the transitions and transformations of life. I particularly love helping women physically, mentally, and spiritually through the creative period of preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. I am a lifelong learner and experimenter and I love helping women feel powerful as creators.

Email: aubreyb.active@gmail.com

Instagram: @birch.wellness

Website: aubreybirch.com (currently under re-construction)

Valerie Cuevas

With God by your side, I will teach you how to co create a beautiful life with Him! My focus is helping women move through unique trials in their lives which may include grief, loss, betrayal, cancer and blending families.  I will share personal stories, tools and foundational principles of the Creation Coach school that will guide you on a path to create a joyous life even in the midst of trials!

Instagram: @seekinggraceandtruth

Email: valeriecuevas06@gmail.com

Sabrina de Jong

I coach women who have unexpectedly found themselves in a mixed-faith marriage. I’m here for the woman who wonders what will happen in her marriage now that her husband has stopped believing in the gospel of Jesus Christ and is now facing a journey on the covenant path seemingly alone.

Website: sabrinadejong.com

Instagram: sabrinaperspectivedetective

Podcast: Perspective Detective 


Amy Katschke

I am a wellness coach for educators and parents. I help teachers and parents create a life they love so they can show up as their best self for their students and children.

Website: createsimplycoaching.com

Email: amy@createsimplycoaching.com

Instagram: @createsimplycoaching.com

Facebook: createsimplycoaching

Podcast: “The Teacher’s Life Coach Podcast

Lori Finlay

Lori is a nurse practitioner and board-certified health coach with 40 years of experience in critical care and functional medicine. After struggling with her own health issues and feeling dismissed by Western medicine, she became passionate about helping others find the root cause of their ailments, take control of their health and Create the Vitality They Crave!

Email: Lori@LoriFinlay.com

Website: www.LoriFinlay.com

Instagram: @lorifinlaynp.coach

Facebook: loridfinlay

Kathryn S. Ramirez, LM, CPM

I am Midwife. I serve women who want to take charge of their lives. I am the creator of Something Divine: The Endowment of Womanhood and Mothers’ Pearls.

Email: kathryn@thesagefemme.com

Website: kathrynsramirez.com

Denita Bremer

Denita Bremer is a trauma coach for Latter-day Saint women. She helps very self aware over-thinkers connect, trust, and know themselves and God through somatic coaching, so they can become leaders in the gathering of Zion.

Website: Denitabremer.com

Email: denita@denitabremer.com

Mikelle Jackson

My passion is providing tools to make Creation Principles and habits feel effortless. I love teaching women how to use these tools to support their own creation journey, as well as how to use these tools to support their family in developing and living creator principles. ♥

Email: Creativefforts.mikelle@gmail.com

Instagram: @CreativEfforts.Mikelle

Planner: https://creativefforts.hopp.to/planner

Digital Notebook: https://creativefforts.hopp.to/CreationCoachNotebook

Digital Journal: https://creativefforts.hopp.to/digitaljournal

Kim Roberts

I’m passionate about helping women who are ready to feel better – body, mind and spirit, even while living with chronic illness (as I have the past 15 years). I hold a safe, compassionate, loving space for you to work through the issues that are currently causing the most stress in your life, while teaching you tools to develop a stronger mindset, better emotional resiliency and a regulated nervous system. I support you in creating healthier habits and patterns, with a foundation in self-acceptance, love and care for YOU, so that you can more fully love and connect with those around you. I can’t wait to walk beside you on your journey of healing and growth!


Email: Kimrobertscoaching@gmail.com

Instagram and Facebook: @kimrobertscoaching

Website: www.kimrobertscoaching.com


Kimberly Corie

As a certified Creation Coach, my passion lies in empowering women to take back their agency, line upon line, each and every day. I would love to help you find ways to be more gentle with yourself, while supporting you in finding more balance, peace and joy as you co-create your abundant life with God.

Email: coriekimberly@gmail.com

Kirstin Baxter

I guide burned out moms to find their individual beauty, strengths, and God-given gifts and help them co-create a life filled with joy and purpose. Instead of the constant overwhelm or feelings of insignificance, I help them use creation principles to confidently make their unique contribution to the world.

Email: Kirstin.baxter@gmail.com

Instagram: @kirstin.connectioncoach

Website: kirstinbaxter.com

Elizabeth Wallis

I am a life coach for parents of children with anxiety.  Your influence, as a parent, is powerful enough to help your child manage their anxiety.

Email: elizabethwalliscoaching@gmail.com

Instagram: ElizabethTWallis

Facebook: Elizabeth Thorstenson Wallis

Website: elizabethwalliscoaching.com

Kendra Harvey

I help physician families move from barely surviving to wilding thriving using co-creator principals. Create the family and relationship you’ve always wanted, one habit at a time.


Website: https://itgetsbetternow.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kendra_itgetsbetternow/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itgetsbetternow/

Email: kendra@itgetsbetternow.com



Kelli Spencer

As a Creation Coach, I help women of faith who feel stuck or unfulfilled in their good life to: – Bridge the gap from where they are now – to – where they want to be: ○ Through creation principles, fundamentals, and tools ○ In a process of co-creation with God

Email: kelspencer6@gmail.com

Instagram: kellispencer.creationcoach

Kristen Rutter

Bring your challenges and struggles and I can help you understand how to access your agency. Any and every topic is welcome for exploration. If you’re ready to own your experience and create a life on purpose, with purpose, I would love to meet you.

Website: kristenruttercoaching.com

Instagram: kristen.rutter.coaching

Facebook: kristenruttercoaching

Email: kristen_rutter@comcast.net

Text: 801-369-9762

Tanya Kinner

As a Certified Health and Creation Coach, I will guide you in intentionally creating the life you want by helping you become more consistent in your habits and goals. I am excited to share small and simple steps in 8 fundamental areas that have the power to change your life. Are you ready to take back your agency and live more in your true identity? If so, I can’t wait to connect with you!

Email: tanyakinner@me.com

Ondalynn Vance

As a certified Creation Coach, I help teens and young adults discover their true identity. I equip them with tools to overcome negative thinking and process their emotions. This empowers them to create the life they were meant to live.

Email: ondalynnvance@gmail.com

Kareena Watkins

Just after graduating from the Creation Coach School in 2021, I had 2 massive MS flares that left me unable to balance and walk and took my livelihood and motherhood almost instantly. I have used the principles I learned in the Creation Coach School to literally get me back on my feet and now I am moving forward to help others. Trials are part of the plan and you are meant to overcome – I can help you!

Email: itisjustdata@gmail.com

Instagram: @kareenawatkinscoaching

Becky Smith

I specialize in helping women improve their close family relationships, especially with their mother-in-law. I understand that this relationship can be complex and emotional, and I help you create the relationship you truly want. Whether you want to set boundaries, improve communication, or simply build a stronger bond with your mother-in-law, I am here to help. Let’s work together to create the happy, healthy relationship you deserve.

Email: Becky@beckysmithcoaching.com
Instagram: @beckysmithcoaching
Podcast: How to Be Happy With Yourself Podcast

Sheena Searls

Faith Based Personal Development for Teens

Website: UndauntedYou.com

Email: SheenaSearls@gmail.com

Jen Fagergren

I excel in helping women like you overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having inner peace, better relationships, and from achieving your goals including weight loss. I’m passionate about supporting you in choosing habits and beliefs that will propel you forward into living in your true identity as a creator of your life.

Website: https://www.jenfagergrenlifecoaching.com

Email: jen@jenfagergrenlifecoaching.com

Text: (520) 234-8093

Jaime Heslop

I help mothers who are overwhelmed and burnt out reclaim peace and satisfaction in their work with their families. My certification as a creation coach and degree as an athletic trainer have taught me tools to guide you through a holistic approach to change as you align your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Personal experiences with postpartum depression, raising kids with ADHD and anxiety, supporting a spouse through schooling while raising kids, and more have taught me that these principles can improve your life no matter your situation.

Website: jamieheslopcoaching.com;

Email: jamieheslopcoaching@gmail.com;

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamieheslop/

Cathi Chisholm

As a double certified Creation Coach and graduating this year with a BS in Psychology with an emphasis on Positive Psychological methods, I am uniquely qualified to synergistically combine science and mental health study with spirituality and creation. I love to weave both into my coaching as they work so well together. I have coached many teenagers, young adults and women through various stages of their lives and help them to realize they “are born for such a time as this”. Every stage and every lesson is beautiful! My motto is To Cheer and to Bless….I love to implement this into my coaching sessions with positivity and creation tools that leave my clients with a positive and motivational outlook. The Creation School principles are not only the curriculum for my own coaching practice but they are part of my own life that I live each day. I can truly attest, through years of experience, to the power of these tools and lessons. I am so grateful for this program and love to help others progress in their own creation journey.

Email: Chisholm789@gmail.com

Instagram: @Cathi7

Becky Schettler

I help people who are stuck in life’s circumstances create an action plan to find joy and meaning in life. I have been married for 33 years and raised 5 children and I relate to the ups and downs women go through as children grow up and move on. Many individuals find themselves redefining their purpose for the next stage of life and I am excited to help them create a life they love.

Website: beckyschettlercoaching.com

Email: hello@beckyschettlercoaching.com

Instagram: @beckyschettlercoaching


Krista Pace

I am a certified creation coach focusing on health, wellness, and divinity. I enjoy exploring how our healthy bodies, minds, and hearts work with our healthy spirits to create wholeness. I work with men, women, & teens to develop healthy habits, process emotion, and strengthen connection to one’s own divinity.

Email: krista.pace@masonpace.com,

Website: https://coach.optavia.com/kristapace,



Becky Beck

I help grieving mothers find hope and healing through Christ, so they can have peace and joy in those things which matter most.

Website: https://www.whatmatterswithbeckybeck.com

Wendy Van Dam

Hey there gorgeous! I am passionate about inviting you to release yourself from the bonds of perfection & simply show up for the miracle of your messy middle life by accepting the grace of Jesus Christ. Whether you find yourself in the midst of a faith crisis, messy relationships or self destructive addictive behaviors I would love to be your personal cheerleader & partner in believing as you use creation principles to receive an extraordinary life! You are doing so much better than you think & I can’t wait to celebrate that with you!!! My secret sauce: Inviting you to discover that in Jesus Christ you are already enough.

Email: wendy@trustingdivinity.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TRUSTINGDIVINITY/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3826587490720929

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trusting_divinity/

Podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/trustingdivinity

Emily Lee

I coach women who are striving to heal their wounded hearts from a spouses pornography addiction. Through my own experience, coupled with years of training, I can teach you how to trust yourself as you co-create peace and joy regardless of what he chooses.


Email: zonedincoaching@gmail.com

Text: 801-920-6191

Deborah Cobb

After years of healing from my own journey of loss and betrayal, I feel my purpose is to co-create with God in helping others see a clearer vision of their worth. My true passion is helping those who have gone through their own loss or betrayal. As an associate certified coach from Coach Training EDU, a WORTH mentor, and a Brooke Snow’s Creation Coach School graduate, I have acquired many tools and principles to facilitate your moving forward after loss or betrayal, and am committed to creating a safe and non-judgmental space, providing empathic listening, and giving opportunities for you to increase your self-awareness.

Website: https://cocreatordeb.webador.com/