Certified Creation Coach Directory

Aubrey Birch

I help women of all ages find purpose and joy in creation through connecting with their bodies, minds and spirits. I particularly love helping women through pregnancy/birth/postpartum and the young mom stage but love helping women of all ages through transitions and challenges in life. I emphasize on identity and patterns and help women practice creation principles in ways that work for them individually, and experience growth through wellness–spiritual, mental, and physical.

Instagram: @birch.wellness

Website: aubreybirch.com


Megan Korth

I feel passionate about empowering kids and teens (and their parents) to know the divine power they have within themselves to become strong-minded and resilient creators of their own lives.

Email: megkorth@gmail.com
Instagram: @amightywork
Website: linktr.ee/amightywork/

Hannah Bischoff

I help teens and adults- just like you- create an immovable foundation in your faith, in your self, and for your life. It’s possible to have better relationships, more clarity in your life purpose, and patterns that can help you reach your goals. I’m here to help you fill your life with light and truth.

Email: hannahbischoff12@gmail.com
Instagram: @creationcoach_hannah
Website: hannahbischoff.com

Cortney Clegg

Do you have a vision for who you want to become but are having difficulty creating consistency to get you there? I’m here to help. As a business owner and homeschooling mom, I love helping busy women joyfully create habits that stick!

Email: cbclegg@gmail.com
Instagram: @an.oil.a.day

Alaina Burrows

I help people create the life they want and strengthen their relationship with God by discovering their divine identity. Regardless of age, gender, relationship status, or stage of life, I help people live in their true self, and become the strong, confident, abundant individual the Lord created them to be!

Email: CreationCoachAlaina@gmail.com
Instagram: @aduff8312

Valerie Cuevas

With God by your side, I will teach you how to co-create a beautiful life with Him. My focus is helping women move through unique trials in their lives which may include grief, loss, betrayal, cancer and blending families. I will share personal stories, tools and foundational principles of the creation coach school that will guide you on a path to create a joyous life even in the midst of trials

Instagram: @seekinggraceandtruth
Email: valeriecuevas06@gmail.com


Jennifer Fagergren

I’m passionate about helping you create the power to choose beliefs and habits that will lead you to an abundant life and help you navigate the challenges that are unique to you. My experiences have given me expertise in helping limiting beliefs and challenges associated with weight loss, relationships, loved one addiction, PTSD, trauma, depression, anxiety, military deployment, and relocation.

Phone: 520-234-8093
Email: fagergrenj@gmail.com
Instagram: @jfagergren
Facebook: Jennifer Kelly Fagergren

Lael McVea

Movement Specialist- Certified Personal Trainer (8 yrs experience in Physical Therapy/BS Degree in Exercise Science/Former Collegiate Athlete)

Email: Laelmcvea85@gmail.com

Sophia De Mello

My God given gift is to hold a sacred space for others, to listen, to really see the person I am with so that I can help them see and know the light they shine in this world. I am a certified Creation School coach, certified meditation teacher, I am a mother of two teenagers, a wife, a life long learner and seeker with an open heart!

Email: carloandsophia@shaw.ca
Instagram: @mindfulness_with_sophia

Nicole Ponder

I am a certified Brain Health Coach, Optimize Coach and of coarse Creation Coach. I love what I do! My main focus is helping teens and some adults gain the confidence they need to achieve their goals while keeping a Christ centered focus on each lesson to bring them back to their true-self and Divine Nature. I am here to close the gap between who you are today and who you truly want to be. Can’t wait to meet you!!!

Website: lifecoachingwithvalues.com
Instagram: @lifecoachingwithvalues
Email: nicoleponder@lifecoachingwithvalues.com

Kendra Harvey

I help physician families go from barely surviving to wildly thriving through private individualized coaching.email:
email: kendra@itgetsbetternow.com
Facebook @itgetsbetternow
Instagram @kendra_itgetsbetternow

Erika Glancy

I’ve been a mentor and homeschooler for over 15 years. I am certified as an Eternal Warriors mentor & Creation Coach and have trained with Leslie Householder, Kirk Duncan and the Joyful Heart Mentoring program. My gift is to be a voice of hope and inspiration to moms and parents wanting to make positive changes in their life physically, mentally and spiritually!

Email: teamdoterrika@gmail.com

Mikelle Jackson

My passion is providing tools to make Creation Principles feel effortless. I love teaching women how to use these tools to support their own creation journey, as well as how to use these tools to support their family in developing and living creator principles. ♥

Email: creativefforts.mikelle@gmail.com
Instagram: @CreativEfforts
Website: CreativEfforts

Melanie Mortensen

Melanie offers her clients a unique insight into how to “up level” their lives. She helps find points of character improvement, and blends principles from the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Creation Coaching to help make those changes completely accessible! Melanie offers coaching for all levels and struggles, including nutrition and wellness, relationships, and overall desires for improvement.

Email: MelanieMortensenCoaching@gmail.com
Instagram: @MelanieMortensenCoaching

Britli Foley

I love helping find joy in everyday life and the small moments. Anxiety is something I love to help others find peace in and tools to help with. I want everyone to live a life full of joy, purpose, love and meaning!

Instagram: @Jubilation.in.the.journey
Email: britli.foley@gmail.com

Amanda Zumbrun

I help Christian women who are struggling with grief, pain, and loss put their lives back together using a tailored step by step approach of gospel-centered coping tools and goal setting. I help them create a life after loss through the strength of Christ and His redeeming love.

Website: shiningmoments.life
Facebook: Shining Moments
Instagram: @amandazumbrunlifecoach
Email: amanda_zumbrun@yahoo.com

Cathi Chisholm

I am a certified Creation Coach who believes you were born “For such a time as this” and that the seasons of life for a woman in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are all important. I will help you navigate those unique seasons of adolescents, young adult, young mother, mother of teens, mother of young adults and especially mothers of missionaries, as well as empty nesters. While realizing your unique and important worth as you navigate your sense of self in those times of growth and challenge.
Email: Chisholm789@gmail.com

Karen Papin

Karen Papin is on a mission to help you have the strength and energy to show up for your kids in the way that you desire to be there for them. The Lord has guided Karen from being a shy child who wouldn’t say a word to stepping outside her comfort zone each day to inspire others and now as a mom herself she knows what it’s like to have kids who experience a lot of anxiety. She LOVES guiding mom’s in strengthening their relationship with self, God and their family.

Website: dreaminspirers.com
Email: karen@dreaminspirers.com
Instagram: @dreaminspirers
Facebook: dreaminspirers

Mandy-Marie Eldredge

I help teens, women, and men discover the subconscious programming that holds them hostage to creating the life they want. I teach skills and provide accountability. I help people find and live from the truth about who they are, who God is, and the role of the world in their divine destiny–speaking it in the dialect of the client!

Email: mm@coachmandymarie.com

Website: coachmandymarie.com

Lori Finlay Hamilton, MS, APRN (RT), CNS, BCC

Are you Stuck in self-sabotaging habits that have left you feeling fatigued? Have you been stuck in a hamster wheels tried to get healthy, with no support from traditional western medicine? Are trying to overcoming your lousy genes are have no idea where to begin?
I empower women using the Powers of Creation, Epigenetics & a wholistic, Body, Mind, Spirit approach to provide a Bio-Individualzed plan to Create the Vitality They Crave!

Becky Walton

I show Latter-day Saint women how to make decisions to create the life they want! You will feel confident to follow your heart and make decisions that represent your true self.

Email: rlwalton75@gmail.com
Instagram: @beckywaltoncoaching

Darla Trendler

Darla Trendler is host of the Spiritually Minded Women podcast and creator of the course, The Latter-day Moms Guide to Spiritually Empowering Your Teen. She is a Deseret Book Seek presenter on Deseret Video with a course called “Prepare Your Teen for a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth.” She specializes in helping mothers of teens and young adults use creation coach principles to guide children to engage in their own spiritual journey.

Email: darla@spirituallymindedwomen.com
Website: spirituallymindedwomen.com
Instagram: @spirituallymindedwomen
Podcast: Spiritually Minded Women

Amanda Sanchez

Amanda Sanchez is a happy wife and new-ish stay-at-home mom of two busy boys. Six weeks after her second baby was born in 2019, she joined a 12-step program for food addiction recovery and her life was never the same. Finding God in her new relationship with whole foods brought spiritual healing and physical health. In 2020, she shared her food journey on her blog, LittleMissFearless.com, and received countless requests from women struggling with addictive eating and body image. In 2021, Amanda certified as a Creation Coach and hopes to soon offer a unique group experience guiding others to food freedom through Christ.

Website: LittleMissFearless.com
Email: LittleMissFearlessGuide@gmail.com
Instagram: @littlemissfearlessguide
Facebook: LittleMissFearless

Adri Johnson

I guide women to create habits that support their best self, overcome obstacles that keep them stuck, and connect their growth to the gospel.

Instagram: @TheRealAdriJo
Email: adrizzell@yahoo.com

Alisa Rueckert

Alisa Rueckert helps women strengthen their relationships with themselves, God and others. Learn how to choose faith over fear in accomplishing what God wants you to do.

Instagram: @alisarueckertcoaching

Becky Beck

I help women let go of their controlling patterns so they can create more peace within themselves and greater connection in their marriage.

Website: whatmatterswithbeckybeck.com

Ghia Cooley

My area of expertise is in what I call “Seasonal Living”. It’s a natural, earthy approach to food, recreation and spiritual life, which of course incudes all of Brooke’s fabulous material. I live near Moab, Utah and can offer in person or video coaching. I also offer a 1-3 day outdoor, activity-based coaching option, customized to your needs and suitable for one person or a small group.

Email: ghia99@hotmail.com

Lindsay Daniel

Through online courses and coaching, I help women who want to create a life they truly love; women who want to take the best parts of their home and family and make them even better. My work centers around stay at home moms who want to better use their time, manage their home, and increase family connection.

Email: lindsay@practicingmom.com
Websites: lindsaydaniel.teachable.com
Instagram: lifewithlindsaydaniel

Kimra M. Douglass

Relationship and Creativity Coach. Let’s walk together and discover choice! I will help you learn to consistently embrace the contrasts of your life’s journey by facing your feelings and circumstances and learn to see them as doorways to opportunity and JOY!

Email: kimradouglasscc@gmail.com
Instagram: @creationisbecomingu
Website: creationisbecomingu.com

Sheena Searls

Online courses for teens and young adults

Website: UndauntedYou.com

Reyna Malley

I help women who are moving out of the phase of life that involves having and raising small children, and into the next phase of life where they realize they can take their dreams out of storage!

Facebook: Reyna Malley
Instagram: @reyna.malley
Website: Malleycats.com

Jennie McLaws

I have been a coach for friends and family for over 20 years using empathetic connection, tapping, scripting, essential oils and more. I often coach woman who desire to create from their heart; overcome roadblocks of grief, pain and trauma; who desire to access and activate the best within themselves. A session with me is as unique and individual as you are.

Website: Jenniemclaws.com
Email: jennie@jenniemclaws.com

Jaclyn Cuff

Hi! I am a mother and know of the struggles and miscommunication that can happen with teens. If you’ve had any disconnects in your relationship, I would love to help bridge the gap between mom and daughter/ parent and teen, I would love to be your coach!

Email: creationcoachjaclyn@gmail.com
Website: creationcoachjaclyn.wordpress.com

Alison Walker

I support women in using their gifts and strengths to create lives they love.

Email: Aliwalkerson@gmail.com

Ivy Walker

I gravitate towards coaching those passing through the existential crisis’ we inevitably experience in this life. The ability to navigate the “dark nights of the soul” will come as we look to the North Star – Jesus Christ. When we look up and within we find the guidance we are seeking.

Email: ivyjoe@gmail.com

Heidi Lynn Walstad

I help women navigate the difficult road of divorce. No matter where you are in your journey, I can help you find healing, joy and gratitude as you create your best life using powerful creation principles and tools.

Email: hbwalstad@gmail.com
Instagram: @heidi.lynn.5

Jeni Payne

Weight loss( I lost 35 lbs and was a Weight Watchers coach for 5 years) or helping people who are raising children or living with step parents without your DNA(adopted or step children)we adopted 2 of our children, my husband was raised by a step father

Email: jeniabq@gmail.com

Judy Cooley

I am a creation coach. I’ll help awaken the exceptional creator within you. I am a yoga and meditation instructor with 20 years experience. I specialize in Christ centered meditations and coaching. Together we will increase daily accountability and eliminate mind numbing habits to create more joy.

Email: Momsaysican@gmail.com
Website: JudyCooley.blogspot.com

Kristen Rutter

I am a certified Creation Coach, Life Coach, yoga and meditation teacher. I have trained with Brooke Snow, Brooke Castillo, Jody Moore, and many others. I specialize in helping women to discover their true identity, find what sparks their joy and create a life they love. Contact me for a free mini session.

Email: Kristen_rutter@comcast.net
Text: 801-369-9762
Website: kristenrutter.net
Instagram: kristen.rutter.coaching