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Become the deliberate creator of your own life.

Learn the framework that has helped hundreds of students be more consistent in their habits and goals as they live into their true identity as the creator of their life.

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God Sees You

Trying to find a new way to implement the self-help concepts you’re seeing everywhere?


The Creation Coach School is here to help!

The Creation Course

Dive deeper and learn principles that will help you more consistently create balanced habits of the body, mind, and spirit and put learning into action.

Learn the Law of Creation

Learn how the Law of Creation Framework can help you build sustainable habits and intentionally create your life in this FREE six-part course.

Become a Creation Coach

The Creation Coach School Certification will not only help you become who you were designed to be, but give you the tools and training to help those around you do the same.
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Gain the accountability you need to reach your habits and goals as the intentional creator of your life with a Creation Certified Coach.

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Learn the Law of Creation and become the intentional creator of your life.